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Health and Safety Courses Harrow 

Construction Industry Training Courses in Harrow 

At Harrington Safety, we provide health and safety courses in Harrow and the surrounding area, specialising in the construction industry as well as numerous other industries. It is important for everybody on site to take responsibility for health and safety and be aware of hazards and risks. From the apprentice to the site manager, we must all look out for each other and ensure we are acting responsibly. 
We operate as an independent training provider, meaning we can be flexible in delivering our training courses in Harrow – providing half day, full day, weekend, on site and online courses including CITB. Our half day courses can be mix and matched with our other half day courses to create a tailored training day for your business. Our training can be provided from an individual employee to your entire workforce. 
All of our course trainers are experienced industry professionals with years of first-hand experience, giving them an understanding of the challenges construction workers can face on site. Courses are designed to be interactive and involve classroom discussions, group work, activities and quizzes. This format makes information easier to understand and encourages delegates to clarify anything they do not understand. 
Our range of training courses in Harrow cover elements such as general health and safety, first aid, working at height, SMSTS, SSSTS, CITB and Face Fit Testing. We have courses to suit those at entry level up to those working as directors. All of the courses we offer are recognised by the relevant governing bodies in each area. Upon completion, you will receive a certification that is valid for up to five years. 
For those looking to obtain their CSCS green card, we provide the HSA course you will need to complete to form part of your CSCS qualification. You will also need to take the environmental touch screen test to qualify for the card. The CSCS card is a requirement for most professional sites and is aimed at increasing safety on site and ensuring everybody who works in this environment has a clear understanding of health and safety. 

Health and Safety Training 

Our selection of health and safety training in Harrow consists of half day courses which can be taken individually or paired with another course on the same day. The Harrow health and safety courses we offer include how to safely use petrol driven cut off saws and abrasive wheels, Cat and Genny training, manual handling and asbestos awareness. 
Our training for abrasive wheels and petrol driven cut off saws is in line with manufacturer instructions and guidance as well as the currently accompanying legislation. Within these courses you will learn how to safely operate these tools and avoid injury – highlighting what are common hazards and causes of accidents. We will go through the function of each type of wheel and disc and which is most appropriate for each job. 
Cat and Genny training provides guidance on how to use the equipment to locate underground services in compliance with HSG47. This will help to ensure the underground services are not damaged during excavation and how the use of the Cat and Genny can help to avoid risks and injury. 
Finally, our manual handling course will inform delegates how to safely carry objects to avoid injury, such as safe lifting and transporting, the importance of the correct manual handling techniques to avoid short or long term injury which can be debilitating. 

First Aid 

Health and safety knowledge is so important on a construction site because of the level of risk there is, which is why first aid skills are invaluable for supervisors and workers. Our first aid courses in Harrow will provide an overview of essential early intervention that can be administered at the earliest opportunity whilst waiting for ambulance or until the patient can be taken to hospital. 
On our first aid training courses in Harrow, delegates will be provided with the practical skills and knowledge to treat cuts, grazes, burns, electrical injuries, concussion, cardiac arrest and broken limbs. Within this training, trainers will cover the importance of risk assessment and triage, so they can keep a calm head in the event of an emergency. 
The first aid training courses in Harrow we offer include general first aid, first aid at work and mental health first aid. Mental health is an increasing issue within all industries including construction, this course will provide supervisors or fellow workers with the knowledge to provide mental health support and understanding as well as signposting resources for those experiencing a mental health crisis. 

CITB Courses 

We offer a wide selection of CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) courses that are designed to provide an understanding of identifying and avoiding hazards on site and the legislation in place. We run courses from entry level to director level, providing essential health and safety knowledge to ensure your site works safely. 
We can provide online CITB training to fit your requirements, these courses are identical to our classroom offering but are conducted over Zoom, so they can be completed at home or in your office or training facility. The trainer will run the course via live video with other attending delegates taking part. This allows interaction to still take part and for the trainer to run class discussions, quizzes and group activities. Those attending will be sent a link to join the course and will need to have access to the internet with a webcam and microphone. 
Any required exams will still take place as usual, conducted online and invigilated by the trainer via the webcam. 

SMSTS Courses 

Our SMSTS training in Harrow is aimed at site managers and supervisors and anyone who oversees other workers. SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme and is a five day course which includes a mix of case studies, class discussions and group work. 
It covers the different elements of site safety and the legislation surrounding it, upon competition of your Harrow SMSTS training you will receive the CITB Site Safety Plus certificate which is valid for five years and recognised by BUILDUK. 

SSSTS Courses 

The two day Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is aimed at site supervisors and covers the legal responsibilities that supervisors have to the health, safety, welfare and environment on site. It covers the relevant legislation to make it easy to understand and apply. 
The SSSTS training in Harrow consists of classroom discussions, individual or group presentations and concludes with a multiple-choice test to assess the delegates understanding of the course. Continuous assessments will be taken throughout, and we recommend further reading outside of the course hours to gain a full understanding of the material. 
Those who complete the course successfully will receive a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate which is valid for five years and recognised by BUILDUK. 

CSCS Green Card Certification 

It is a requirement of many construction companies for operatives to hold a CSCS green card. As part of the CSCS green card qualification it is a requirement to complete an HSA courses which to makes up part of the qualification – the other half being a touch screen environment test. 

Work at Height Courses 

Working at height is by its very nature a hazardous environment, which is why it is one of the biggest causes of fatal and serious injuries to construction. This only emphasises the importance of anyone working at height to be fully trained to operate safely and in compliance within legislation. 
Our working at height courses in Harrow cover topics such as safe harness use, harness inspection, using steps and ladders safely, harness and leading edge and general working at height awareness. All of this courses are half day so can be paired with another course for a tailored training day. 
For those who will be working at height and wearing personal fall protection harnesses, lanyards or fall arrest blocks, we recommend checking out our Harness and Leading Edge training course. The ½ day course is designed to help delegates be confident in their ability to select the correct personal fall equipment for the work they are tasked for, and to be able to carry out pre-inspection checks on the equipment. 
Working at height training courses in Harrow are aimed at providing essential training to work safely at height and avoid injury. 

Face Fit Testing 

Our Face Fit Testing in Harrow is aimed at providing delegates with the ability to ensure their respiratory protection equipment (RPE) is the correct mask and fit for them as well as being able to identify the importance of correctly fitted RPE. 
The face fit testing in Harrow consists of a taste test to ensure delegates can taste the solution and that the test is accurately undertaken. They will then need to complete the fit test by completing a series of exercises, if they can taste the solution then the RPE is revised and the exercises are repeated until the solution can no longer be tasted, ensuring a correctly fitted piece of RPE. 
It is advised that those that need to use RPE do not have facial hair as this can compromise the fit of the mask, allowing penetration of dust, particles and fumes. 

Why Choose Harrington Safety? 

At Harrington Safety, we can provide tailored training courses in Harrow to suit your needs and requirements providing the choice of classroom, on site and online training. Our range of courses mean you can choose those that are most relevant and create a bespoke training day or plan for your staff. 
Our flexible training approach means we can provide training for one employee or an entire workforce – ensuring essential training can be completed on a schedule that suits you and creates the least disruption to your business. 
Our trainers are all veterans of the industry so have first-hand experience of working on site, ensuring they can deliver friendly, understandable and easy to digest training courses in Harrow. 

Contact Us Now For Health and Safety Training in Harrow 

If you are looking for health and safety courses in Harrow, Harrington Safety can provide courses to suit all abilities and levels across a range of disciplines. We will work with you to develop a training plan which suits your business and employees – ensuring essential health and safety training can take place with minimal disruption to your working day. 
If you would like to find out more about any of our courses or want to book a place on one of our training courses in Harrow, please fill out one of our enquiry forms and one of our advisors will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also call us on 0800 059 0599 or email us at info@harringtonsafety.co.uk. We’re happy to answer any of your queries and advise on relevant training courses for your team. 
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