At Harrington Safety, we train in the classroom, online and on-site. Call us with any questions 0800 059 0599.

At Harrington Safety, we train in the classroom, online and on-site. Call us with any questions 0800 059 0599.

IPAF Harness Inspection Courses


IPAF have recently updated and reintroduced their IPAF Harness course offerings making the content more tailored and relevant to each attendees’ specific requirements. Broken down into three courses you now have the Harness Awareness (HA) course which is theory only and perfect for those that do not personally wear a harness but may plan, manage or supervise the use of a Harness in a MEWP. The Harness User (HU) training and assessment session is a follow on to the Harness Awareness theory and is essential for anyone what will personally use a harness in a MEWP. It includes pre-use inspections but will not qualify the user to carry out Statutory, periodic inspections on behalf of others or an organisation. The Harness Awareness (HA) theory course much be completed before being able to sit the Harness User (HU) practical training and assessment session.

Finally, this brings you to the Harness Inspection (HI) course. This is an additional training session and assessment course. It is an essential course for anyone that will undertake Statutory, periodic inspections on behalf of an organisation. In order to sit the Harness Inspection training, you need to have successfully completed the Harness Awareness (HA) and the Harness User (HU).

Are you looking for a leading provider of IPAF harness awareness courses? Then you have come to the right place. We are Harrington Safety, your local experts in IPAF harness awareness training. Putting our years of experience to good use, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to carry out your role safely – with the IPAF certification to show what you have learned.

Why Choose Harrington Safety?

If you have been looking for a reputable provider of IPAF Harness Inspection training courses, your search could soon be over. We are Harrington Safety, a trusted specialist in IPAF Harness Inspection (HI) training courses. Working with a wide range of delegates, we deliver a learning experience that is built around the needs of course attendees. Want to find out more? Here is what you can expect from this popular course.

About the course

The IPAF Harness Inspection (HI) course has been designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required to inspect and maintain harnesses and associated personal fall protection equipment effectively. This course focuses on equipment inspection to ensure that harnesses are in proper working condition and meet safety standards.

The course is intended for individuals who are responsible for maintaining and undertaking statutory inspections of harnesses and associated equipment, such as supervisors, safety officers, or equipment maintenance personnel. Not sure if it is the right fit for you? Get in touch today, and we will be able to point you in the direction of the most appropriate IPAF training course for you.

In order to sit the IPAF Harness Inspection (HI) training course, you must have already successfully completed the IPAF Harness Awareness (HA) theory and IPAF Harness User (HU) practical training sessions.

What you’ll cover

IPAF Harness Inspection courses focus on the following:

Introduction to harness inspection:

  • Overview of the importance of harness inspection and its role in ensuring worker safety
  • Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements related to equipment inspection

Types of harnesses and fall protection equipment:

  • Detailed examination of different types of harnesses, lanyards, connectors, and associated personal fall protection equipment
  • Discussion of their components, materials, and design features

Inspection procedures:

  • Step-by-step guidance on conducting thorough pre-use and periodic inspections of harnesses and associated equipment
  • Understanding the inspection process, including visual examination, tactile inspection, and functional checks

Identifying wear and damage:

  • Identifying common signs of wear, tear, and damage that can compromise the integrity of harnesses
  • Understanding the implications of different types of damage and when equipment should be removed from service

Documentation and record-keeping:

  • Importance of maintaining accurate inspection records and documentation
  • Overview of best practices for record-keeping and documentation systems

Retraining and decommissioning of equipment:

  • Understanding when retraining is necessary for equipment users or inspectors
  • Knowing the criteria for decommissioning harnesses and equipment from service

Your learning experience

The course is delivered in-person through IPAF presentation and class discussions, examination of personal fall protection equipment, and hands-on exercises to practise inspecting harnesses and associated equipment. Once the course comes to an end, you will complete a multiple-choice questionnaire along with a practical assessment. This will effectively demonstrate all that you have learned during your time with us.

By completing this course, you will know how to check that all equipment is in a serviceable condition, reducing the risk of accidents and maintaining a safe working environment. We love to guide candidates to success during their harness inspection training, and nothing makes us prouder than seeing those who walk through the door of our training centre leave having fulfilled their potential.

We’re here to help

To find out more about our IPAF Harness Inspection training, please get in touch with our team today. We would love to answer any questions that you have, and truly can’t wait to hear from you.




We started using Harrington Safety in 2021, the staff are very helpful and professional and go above and beyond to help with last minute requests.

The feedback from our operational team is that training is professional and informative.


Very well structured, managed and informative course provided by both professional and personable staff. The theory and practical tuition that I received put me in good stead to go straight in and operate a 10 ton cherry picker safely and with confidence, both essential factors when using such equipment. I would recommend Harrington Safety Ltd to anyone needing not just to get qualified, but to also feel comfortable operating MEWP systems for their trade.


Ryan was really good instructor, he made sure we understood the theory part of the course and gave us enough time to practice with the machines, so we felt confident before move on to the test. Excellent training!!


Phenomenal training, Ryan’s ability to teach and ensure I fully understood each module in both theory and practical before moving on has left me confident in transferring these skills to the work place.


To start with, this course was outstanding. I've been on a lot of training courses over the years and some are good and some are boring and you can't wait to leave. This course was engaging, the instructor included all students. There was no useless information everything was current and valid no fluff or fillers if you like. The practical was straight to the point and spot on. All in all a good experience and brilliantly put together training course. Top instructors and staff. Highly recommended training facility.


Very good presentation by Gary and very helpful when answering questions.


Harrington safety will be my number one go to for any courses I need to do. I completed my IPAF 3A and 3B and passed 1st time. They let you do the eLearning at home that helps me because of my current position at work. Thank you Paul for a smooth and clear instruction of both the boom and scissor vehicles and Charlie for getting onto IPAF to get my online card quicker, will definitely recommend.


Paul and Charlie were both a pleasure to deal with - very professional, helpful and friendly. Great service and would highly recommend to all. Many thanks.


A well run professional course. Delivered concisely and practically.


First time using Harrington Safety and I found them to be very professional.

The booking process was easy, their responses to any questions was nothing short of instant and their follow up was there!

Thank you Harrington, and I will definitely use you again and advise others to do so.


My certificate and my card arrived today. Thanks for your help, and wonderful attitude. I have many certificates, but your centre is the best. For my next certificate I will be calling you! Thanks.

Alan F

Great teacher, would recommend his courses and will come back to him in future.

Paul was a very good teacher. Easy to understand and helped me when needed. I felt comfortable in his classroom and confident to ask questions. When friends ask, I will recommend.

Ray H

Very knowledgable and passionate tutor

When arriving, I was nervous and unsure of my abilities. The trainer made me feel at ease as soon as I came in. If I needed to ask questions I did, and they were answered clearly and in a way I understood. The practical work was challenging but my trainer guided me through and made it as interesting as possible. Will definitely be recommending this company.


The training was perfectly delivered. I will be quite happy to take my training here again


Excellent, will strongly recommend


Nice people to deal with. Easy website to navigate. Variety of training needs can be met in Covid secure training environment.


Well managed training. The trainers also knew their stuff and answered any questions raised on the course.


Such an amazing company! I couldn't recommend them highly enough for all of your health and safety training within the construction industry.



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